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About Us


As the leading trusted partner for CTA, and BOIR compliance, we are dedicated to safeguarding, educating, and empowering millions of business owners towards a seamless and efficient filing process


Revolutionizing the way businesses file

At BOI FI, we firmly believe that all business owners should have access to FILE a new LLC, dissolve an existing business and file a BOI report with FinCen. We want to make these service as accessible and easy as possible for everyone.


A Revolutionary Idea

“Our user-friendly dashboard and proactive notifications system are designed to enhance the relationship between the client, filing professionals, and the IRS. Our groundbreaking approach facilitates proactive measures aimed at improving the Inc preparation experience while also mitigating risk for our users.”


Our mission is to empower individuals to safeguard their business future with ease through digital filing and compliance solutions. We prioritize trust, transparency, and technological excellence to ensure our clients’ peace of mind and success in navigating the complexities of business management.

We’ve transformed an idea into a service that enables businesses of all sizes to effortlessly submit their BOI Reports. Our pricing is not only fair and aligned with market standards but often presents a more competitive option, ensuring accessibility and affordability for all.


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To be the leading platform revolutionizing the way people file and manage their businesses by providing a secure and user-friendly gateway to the world of digital filing and compliance, ultimately enabling independence and prosperity for all.

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We are committed to delivering exceptional value and service to our clients by consistently prioritizing their well-being, upholding the highest standards of security and trust, fostering innovation in the digital filing industry, and enabling seamless access to compliance opportunities, all while maintaining transparency, integrity, and a customer-centric approach.

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